About me 


My name is Nafa Aurellia, i am 16th y.o 11st grades highschooled girl

Such an ambivert girl and loved to writing, reading, a bit enthusiast with Japanese culture. 

A leader of Japanese Club Smansasi, part of INOBU and Cyber Competition committee, and  talented on procrastinate 😀

I often stressed by comparing myself with others and self hating because i can’t catch up like others be. 

Kay i still searching for a way to fix it, or even improve myself.

Why i started blogging? 

I dreamt to be consistent blogger since i 12th tbh XD

And now i’ve been trying to reach it

I loved to share what i feel and i think i needed the page to express them all without any judges or annoy human’s life. And maybe it’s the place where i can do. 

I needed to shout, scream, rant, love, and i want to explain something that can’t left out from my mouth easily. And here maybe you’ll know more about me, a corner of my thoughts and journey. 

So, if you want to contact me (whyever that is) you can dm me on Instagram, twitter, or even email me at nafaaur@gmail.com ^^

Let’s be friend ~


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