From the Middle of Nowhere


Good evening there

How was your day?

It’s been a long time since i’m lost. Happy (late) new year btw.

Probably i’m going to recap(?) a piece of what happened around past almost 3 months.

I’ve been literally busy and got stressed lately. I can’t sleep well, I found something is not working right with my immune system (i got cold, headache, and fever for around 2 weeks, fyi). I’m not in a good mental condition tho, i got scared and anxiety for no reason. And i wonder why. 😦

As a leader of my club, i joined bekasi japanese club last year. I don’t really enjoy the atmosphere there, and i have no interest with their project. You know, i have bad relations with the founder of community, since we had little fights(?) monts ago. And i hate his behavior. Sometimes i think to get out from this circle, but i’m there as my school club’s good name. But then we take hiatus from every single activity there because of my school’s festival is coming up. :3

And about my club,..

Something i’ve learned form this past months is, don’t try to get out of your character carelessly. I DID and i DO regret it. How the hell i made a long term decision carelessly. No, i considered it carefully but i conveyed it with fucking bad way. And it makes huge impact then. Fortunately, after i tried to fix it and made a private conversation with them, everything is going to be alright now.

Oh, and my phone was broke up last week. Luckily, i’ve backed up all of data there. And now i got new one yey :3

Too much happened lately, probably i’ll tell you next time. Now, i must stop procrastinate and start preparing myself for tomorrow. Well, have a good night there^^





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