Don’t judge someone as “Antisocial” easily.

Basically, no matter how somebody is, they will be hurt if their closest friend even judges them as “antisocial”

Okay.. For me, it’s not funny. Not everyone have the same joke right? So you have to control yourself a bit. And don’t easily call them “sensitive”.

You don’t know how you probably broke them more.

Maybe they just need your help, it will be better if you show them some person to befriend with. Or make their day instead of sit on your place then laugh and make a joke on their fate.

And in case you don’t want to, please let them live as theirself in peace. Do not force them to be someone they not really are, even someone they don’t like.

If you love them, try to hold them and prove them that happy isn’t always measured by how famous you are. Ask them to search their own happiness, and if they can’t find, just be. that’s what “friend” should do.





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