Sertijab :>

Guess what? Tomorrow I will doing “sertijab” or giving-receiveing position(?) as the new club leader. And tomorrow I will ((almost)) free from school activities, yeayy!


I will free at the first lesson hour, and after 10 am i have to do a meeting with Student association and other leader in my school until the end of the day. So we can conclude it as ‘I sit in class for about 30 minutes only’ 😀

I am excited af although the rehearsal and preparation was kinda ‘mendokusai’ (idk how to describe it), but yeah I loved it tho, so I’m not probleming them at all. It might bothered me, but I see it as the assignment that should I do. I’ve been trying to enjoy it.

I often ask myself, still the same things..

“Why me?”

“Why they choose me as the leader?”

Looking back for the freaking ambivert me, unconfident, selfish, and so much things that make me feel I’m not be able to receive this. But it’s my challenge and I must catch this up. I must create any improvement both for myself and whole club.

Beside doing very tiring school activities, and balance myself.

Many things happened lately, but I have not much time to write it. Or maybe I’ll describe it at the next post.

Happy weekend ^^





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