What’s Wrong With the Difference?

Some people may be popular, and the others might be freak. There is a light over the dark. As you can see the different of color, and how boring the monotone life it is.

Everyone have their own various characters, as the unique of human life.

You are not wrong just because of you did unusual things, or having different habits.

I have some friends who always judge on other’s personality. Their life might be so full with disputing people’s personal business, even if that’s such an unimportant thing (like applying handsanitizer often than usual habit or anything that’s not normally gossiped). Like hell, what’s your problem dude? Mind your own business.

And simply, i always try to ignore these kind of close friends. When you’re with  them, you’ll hear so many gossips and they’ll make you judge on human’s life even if you don’t know the actually fact so well. And you’re going to have so much person to be hated.

And when you leave them, or even give a space, you’ll be the object. And you are the one that must be judged and gossiped. And they’ll share your secret.

Dear you, the really complicated unimportant girls,..

You need to do so much more useful things instead lol. And don’t forget to look at yourself first. You definitely have so much things to be judged too, if you don’t realize. So improve yourself before you turn your hand into other’s life.

And what’s the problem with the different? Is it bad when you see the various colorfull kind of person? Life could be boring when there are (only) white and black. Rose aren’t always red tho.

Imagine the world with identic personality and lifestyle, where you can see your perfect mirrored self EVERYWHERE. How scary!

They are all having the same right as YOU to do or be like what they wanted to, and you musn’t fuss yourself with their (for example) bringing laptop everywhere habit, as far as it didn’t harm you anyway. So please stop troublesome yourself.

Start yourself to do more important things tho.

Get your own life.

Or probably am I just too ignorant until I didn’t mind that at all? With the freaky me, sometimes I didn’t get what they do.

And why the hell I think  about it?!





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