Such an Ambivert Person

Someone asked me, 

“Why do you often walk alone?”

“Why are you so different between two place?”

“Why do you so quiet? Are you antisocial?”

But sometimes they called me noisy.

I don’t know, I can’t trust someone easily. No. More like i can’t stay comfort with every person i met. I’m such an ambivert. At one side, i can be the most introvert quiet girl. But in other occasions, i can be very talkative mess. Idk why.

I can’t affect on every situation(?) nor overt myself freely, those’re why i don’t have so much friends, probably.

At usual, I would be a bit extrovert on new society, then slowly when i’d learnt the situation and i didn’t enjoy it, i would give a space. But if i loved it, i would share anything and being clingy(?).

Should i fix it? Or let it be as the unique of me? Lol

The difference of me could be really contrast, sometimes. Yhea i can’t force myself to be merged on every environments.

So if you are the one who i can stay comfort with, you must know that’s so rare. And i would say thank you very much, for everything you have given to me, include for making me feel comfort and happy.

Even i believe there’s nothing will always stay.

Basically you’re alone, even if you have everyone in around you. You’re alone. They will go, sooner or later, and you MUST always already.


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