I Asked to be MC, But How?

As i ever said before, i am one of Cyber Competition committee. And few days ago, the leader asked me to be MC. He said they (him and the other committees) had been trusting me.

And i just be like,

“Why the hell did you all trust me?”

Even i didn’t trust myself.

They said i am cute af(?), kind, and i can act formally for some occasions (ignore this untruth bullshits anyway).

Honestly i have no confidence to do it lol, i feel unready.  And if you realized, i often complaining about unpassionate stupid me. My life has changed since i am being highschooled. I lost myself slowly, i didn’t believe me, i judge myself as a loser even there is no one knows. I still searching for ways to rebuild my confidence tho, and definitely i need times.

I doubt.

But that’s the chance!

If i want to be changed, i must change, however. And no one can ensure who i am in 4 months ahead.

I still have times until the day. And i think it is not bad if i try, probably. I agree with the decision then XD

And even if i fail, at least I’ve tried. At least i grew up and improved, or in other words i’ve successed to leave my comfort zone.

Although i don’t know what will happened then, i just want to try my best.

For you all, do what you have to do to improve yourself. Even if that’s look hard, and you didn’t sure how, just do. Trust me, you’ll find the way XD





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