Now We are Already to Build INOBU 11

Last Thursday i did leader regeneration of INOBU 11. And finally we took Az to be our leader!! Yay omedetou ~

Hopefully he can keep his commitment and bring INOBU to the next level, wish we can be more successful and professional, and reached more visitors, aamiin.

Now we trusted him to lead us, and hope we didn’t wrong.

I am happy af because now i have someone to correlate with me and to discuss (more like rant) every problems and considerate any decisions. Now i have someone to share with :>

Leader selected means the start of new challenges. In other words, now we are already to build the new INOBU.

INOBU 11 is the first year of second decade. Which means we have challenged to give birth something new, level up. Next step. It’s our task to grow INOBU, do everything we can, struggle, and prove anyone that we can.

I disappointed af with my work on INOBU 10, and now i want to be more totality and do best. I hope so :’)

Talking about Az, we have basically such a different personality. Like south and north, venus and mars. But again it’s our challenges to stay solid and backing up each others. And definitely there will be so much barriers and obstacles, sometime we will having personal troubles, where we must managed it well and hide away from public.
I will try to do best as i can. Onegaishimasu XD

I promised i’ll help and keep support you, for the sake of INOBU and nihon club.

Sorry for any mistakes, i wish you all the best, and thanks for your desirement for having correlation with me.

Have a nice weekend ^^





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