The Day After (Short) Holiday

Tomorrow will be the first day of effective school after a short holiday, but i haven’t done any homework yet. 😦

How procrastinate i am.

And today i went to mall with my friends and throw away all of my money. XD

I bought a novel but i am a bit regretted because it’s not as good as i hoped, but i have no money to buy the new one 😦

Now i’m not in a good mood to read it, i don’t like the way she arranged the words and the diction is bad af (i am perfectionist enough on Indonesian literature). Okay i should look at myself before.

But i should read it tho, i won’t waste my money meaninglessly. //ihopeso

By the way, my friend bought me a cute pencil today. Because i gave her one of my biology school book (i have two book so i gave her the one).

Thank you dear. :*

I love new things, it makes me more spirited(?) i think. And maybe that new pencil would increase my mood to do homework. XD

Sometimes i want to be more focused on school, catch up. But sometimes i felt like i have no spirit. I’m too lazy, great procrastinator, and i still need to develop those all tbh.

Beside i should prepare inobu 11 regeneration on the day after tomorrow and so many other club stuff.

I wish the miracle that makes my task finished clearly (re: a good person who want to share the answer with me) and throw away my laziness

Wish me got a good luck ^^





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