​The Risky Choice

As a leader, i should make the decision. But sometimes that’s not as easy as i think before. There’s so much barriers in front of and risky consideration.
And i barely made the damn hard decision.

Fyi, i lead the community which is always stay connected with the alumnis. And i MUST always invite them for any essential activities. But sadly, i did wrong yesterday. I got miscommunication w/ my senior so i didn’t invite them for our bunkasai (japanese cultural festival) regeneration part 1. And yeah, as expected, they killed me then XD

Regeneration part 2 will be held on Thursday, and again alumnis complaints me bcs Thursday is a weekday and they can’t be in. But the candidates and the participants can’t be attended this weekend.

AND we can’t hold any regeneration without alumnis.

On Thursday, there are 3 alumnis who said can be attended but really i still can’t ensure it at all.

But the next week will taking a long time while we have to prepare SO MUCH THINGS for our bunkasai,

we have no time.


And i have no option

Then, i am taking risk for held it on Thursday. Instead, probably no alumnis will come. and if it really happens, lol idk what to do.

Hopefully i did right, i wish nothing will occurred there, and i wish to be alive then  //no





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