​That Feel When

It’s been almost a month since i served as club leader. And yeah, as expected before there’s so many things occurred here. And definitely i really really left my comfy zone lmao.
Now i realized how essential communication is. And how to recite situation wisely. I learned to put myself unstressed for any occasion.

I got many problems here, and  thankfully i have “family” to pour them all eventhough i still have to solve them alone XD

But sadly i can’t tell them everything, bcs there’s so much things that i should only keep in mind.

I’ve thanked my senior tho

Especially for mine senpai and jahe senpai XD

I’ve thanked them for how they guide me, back me up, cheer me up, and teach me anything so well. They’re majestic person lmao..

And i want to say thank you so much for keep inspire me ^^

I try to enjoy them all haha

Beside the fact that i should balance it with my school stuff

I have so much learn, and i thanked af






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