I’m sorry for being innactive for a while

I got kinda difficult times here, since i served as a leader. And probably i needed time to adapt myself.

Leading community isn’t as easy as i think before lmao

I should put myself wisely, where to be kind, and where i must being firm(?)

And I’ve been trying so hard :”)

I should manage my time so well but it’s really difficult to do XD

And those aren’t included how everyone messages me for any rants and protests.

I lost myself.

Sometimes maybe i reached my limit, and idk what to do. I can’t confess all of my mind to my friends, even if i know they’ll be there. But i won’t distress them.

Sometimes i just being frustrated.

Sometimes i cried deep.

And sometimes i just keep myself silent.

But, i loved to see all of them smiling. Yesterday i inaugurated them, and happily they participated it so well.

Hope i can maintain them all, they’re my fam and i won’t lost them 😦

Wish me luck!





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