My Japanese Club Membership Regeneration pt.1

“I tried to express myself”

Yesterday, my school extracurricular aka nihon kurabu hold a membership regeneration. And crazily i tooked myself as a leader candidate. Eventhough i didn’t prepared before.

Why? I don’t know

It just seems like, “it’s my chance to speak out loud, express my opinion on public, and show them how i am and what i think about.”

At the beginning, i just felt like: “wtf am i doing here?” and at first i spoke nervously.  Idk maybe they realized how unready i am lmao.

But slowly i got myself and i speak naturally as i am.

And finally, you know what?

I had selected as a final candidate!

On monday, i have to do regeneration pt.2

The final decision

Deep down, i just confused. Am i did the right things? Can i?

I afraid to lost my time, my heart says i want to do it. But my mind says that i should be more focus on school stuff. I won’t disappoint my parents. But i want to show up for the rare time. In other words, i want to restore my lost self confidence here 🙂
Idk what i should do, do my best or let myself defeated by others.

Hopefully i did right

Anything will be, i hope that’s what the best for me.

Wish me luck ^^





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